A Tale of 77 Colors

Each of the three types of smart-brella umbrellas comes in 77 different colors.

We have a gentleman visiting our store every year and purchasing the same exact umbrella each time. One of our staff wondered and asked him,"Why do you always buy the same umbrella at this time of the year?" He answered with a little embarrassment, "This is for my wife's birthday."

Oh, may this wonderful gift with beautiful thoughts last forever and bring colors to your life.

Made from carefully selected fabrics in 77 ideal colors. Tokyo Noble always has umbrellas in these 77 colors.
We hope you will find your favorite color.


Customize freely at the store

You can not only choose your favorite color but also customize and change the "handle of your choice" on the spot at the store.
You can choose your favorite "handle," "tassel," and "length."
Tokyo Noble is a store of "umbrella craftsmen." Please feel free to ask us anything about umbrellas.


Repair and Maintenance

As well as personal customization, we repair umbrellas on the spot at the store. Each umbrella is made with great care and will last a lifetime if well-maintained.
We hope you will enjoy using our umbrellas for a long time.
*Please be noted in case we need some order parts we might not be able to repair them on the spot.



Our products are great for a gift on a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or any special occasion.
Customizing color, length, handle, and tassel is a wonderful way to care about your loved ones.
Please feel free to consult with our staff about any of your concerns. We also accept reservations for gift items as well as wholesale.
Please contact us for more information.


For Corporate Customers

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products, such as "I want to make this kind of product" or "I need a certain number of this product".

For inquiries please contact us by phone.